Buy Batteries from a Trusted Source - Restoring Mobility

You rely on your mobility equipment like you rely on your car.  It must work when you need it.  Don’t cut corners when it comes to getting the best batteries. Get reliable batteries from a provider you know and trust that specializes in mobility equipment.  Get your mobility equipment batteries from Restoring Mobility.

•    One-year limited warranty on batteries purchased from Restoring Mobility 

•    Most scooters and power chairs require two 12-volt wet sealed lead acid batteries 

•    Knowing the make, model and serial number of your scooter or power chair means you get the right size batteries the first time

•    The same scooter or power chair model can have different battery options

•    Follow charging instructions exactly to avoid ruining batteries and voiding your warranty

•    Never let batteries discharge completely because they won’t recharge

•    New power chair and scooter batteries have the manufacturer’s battery warranty

•    FAA approved wet, sealed lead acid batteries for safe air travel

Only buy mobility equipment batteries from a trusted mobility equipment provider.  The Restoring Mobility team has serviced mobility equipment for decades.  Contact us now for fresh batteries.